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We Helped A Local Non-Profit Build Their Website

  • 5 years ago
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Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources came to us, hoping to create a site that is easy to easy to edit, mobile friendly, and a breeze to navigate! 


PIK2AR took advantage of our previous website promotion, where we basically put together their site by transferring content over and put it together with one of our fabulous themes. We decided to try out the UBER THEME this time!


We transferred over content from their old website, but also took a good deal of their imagery from their Social Media page to put together this website.

PIK2AR really wanted to emphasize the partners from the community that were involved in donating. Our team replaced the NEWS section in the footer with links to their Partners (creating an SEO boost by linking to reputable websites) and added a rotating feature above the footer that featured revolving community partner logos.


The mobile version of PIK2AR’s site is great, and site visitors can access any and everything they would see on a desktop computer.


Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources wanted to dispel the stereotypes that Pacific Islander are violent.  They promote Kava Talks.  We made a page specifically to inform others about what Kava is all about.

In the News Page, we incorporated their blog and added a FB feed.  They wanted site visitors to see what is happening.  The PIK2AR team can now continue to add to their blog and their FB feed will automatically update when they update their FB page.


We enjoyed putting together this website!  And we are thrilled that they can now edit their website easily on their own.

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